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It is heartbreaking that even with all the sacrifices that parents in rural areas make to send their children to school, they are some challenges they just cannot tackle on their own.

One of the challenges, which has been our motivation at Ruzawi Footbridges International Trust and an area we have been active in the most, is entire rural communities getting marooned by flooded rivers during the rainy season. Children have to risk being swept away crossing flooded rivers in order to get to school. Besides school children, sick people and pregnant women are also unable to access health facilities.

You cannot appreciate the true importance of free movement until you have been marooned a flooded river.

Besides these special groups, people end up travelling much longer to by groceries and farming supplies, which limits trade and affect people’s incomes. With the road networks in rural areas not being as advanced there just are not enough bridges. Despite people best effort, local economies in these areas will not grow and people will find it incredibly difficult to lift themselves out of poverty.

Instead of waiting on stretched national governments to build bridges, we move in to erect cheaper footbridges that even though they won’t handle vehicle traffic they are at least safe for pedestrians.

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