Development Partnerships

Rural people need development partners

As we have traveled the width and the breadth of Sothern Africa, we have touched, humbled, and been encouraged by people’s incredible will not succeed and put food on the table. This is in spite of the challenging odds stacked against them.

People genuinely believe the only way to guarantee a future for their children is to provided them with an education.

Our image of the people we work to empower is that of resilience and resourcefulness. The last thing people in rural arears need is charity. It will be an insult to their nature as a people to want to continue handing them fish and not train our efforts on teaching them how to fish. What they need most are skills and a helping hand to just pull them to their feet.

By just improving basic infrastructure and adding skills and a bit of capital to what rural people already have in the form of resilience and industry. We have literary seen miracles happen. Working with people in rural areas has been enlightening even to us.

We have learned that the last thing the rural people need are handouts rather, they need a helping hand.

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