In The Spirit of Giving

Perhaps the most cherished feeling is when you see smiles and receive uplifting testimonies from recipients of your gift. This was the case when we donated over two hundred heads of cabbages to mushawevana children’s home in Nyameni, Marondera. The institute has over two hundred children between three and eighteen years old. One of the caregivers said, “it is important to us when we receive help from local NGO’s. Most of our help comes from international organizations. This will of a long way in alleviating shortages of vegetables at the institution. We will dry the vegetables for letter use. The same said by the pastor at Idawekwako old people’s home in Dombotombo, Marondera. The institute has twenty inmates who are over 70 years old. Extending a helping hand to the needy no matter how small the gift is, will invite the Lord’s blessings to all.

The next stop was Kukuraneshungu Institute in Yellow city, Marondera. We donated a hundred heads of cabbages for their 30 inmates. These are mental inmates from childrens to adults. The caregivers were so grateful with our help. We even had inmates sing for us and it was wonderful.

You can also help us to help those in need. Our focus is on enabling the disadvantaged through the projects that we undertake. No matter how insignificant you think your donations is, someone somewhere will appreciate it

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